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Reviews Longhair Black Golden

After spending a lot of time researching various breeders, I contacted Tesoro Cattery, and I am so glad I did. We adopted a very very sweet, beautiful British Longhair kitten from Tesoro Cattery, and she is a truly wonderful cat. The owner of Tesoro Cattery was great about answering all of my questions throughout the entire process. She is a responsible and professional breeder who cares deeply about the well-being of her kittens. I highly recommend Tesoro Cattery and am already hoping to be a repeat customer!!!

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Reviews British Shorthair

We’ve had Princess Gigi for a month now and she is the single friendliest cat I’ve ever met. She is so beautiful, sweet, cuddly, and loves to give kisses. Our vet said she’s very healthy and a beautiful kitty. My experience with Tesoro couldn’t be better!

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Reviews Shorthair Black Golden

We welcomed our beautiful kitten, Mycroft, into our family in July. From the start, it was a pleasure to work with Sophia as she was extremely knowledgeable, and made the adoption process seamless. All of Tesoro’s kittens are adorable and well cared for. Sophia provided us with all the necessary paperwork, including a health certificate, and even a goody bag with toys, cat food, and treat samples. We were really impressed that Mycroft was so affectionate and well-socialized, came fully litter-box trained, and with how easily he adjusted to our family. Sophia also followed up with us after the adoption to make sure everything was going well, and she was very helpful answering any questions we had as new cat parents. Working with Tesoro has a been a great experience, and we wouldn’t hesitate to adopt from then again. Thank you for our precious addition!

Reviews Shorthair Black Silver

I got my cat, Cookie from Tesoro Cattery earlier this year- and she is the best kitty we could ask for. We chose her based on her parents photos, her baby photo, and a FaceTime video, but we couldn’t imagine that she would become such a smart, adorable cat with a loving personality. Everyone who sees her says they never saw a more beautiful, friendly cat. She has filled our home with so much joy, and we couldn’t be happier with her!

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Longhair White

I got my baby kitten Pixie from Tesoro cattery.From the start , Sophia have been very cooperative. I was updated with every details of Pixie. She sent me photos, videos, records of vet visits. She was very patient and flexible with me throughout the process. Even after Pixie came home, Sophia was responsive to my questions and concerns. I am very thankful

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Tozer came to our home as a surprise for my 50th birthday. My husband planned to replace a little stuff cat on my bookcase with a REAL cat for Tesoro Cattery – Tozer.  Tozer is unique in so many ways. He eats with his hands and loves to chase flies. He is deeply loved by our whole family and he constantly keeps us entertained